Building a community to revolutionize insurance—for good.

A community that gives, earns, and protects.

Root of Generations
How the community works.
This community needs all of us:
Aid Organizations
Investors (risk-takers)
To provide direct, immediate protection to the most vulnerable.
Community + Technology = Protection for Everyone
We need a strong community empowered by technology to achieve this daunting task.
Real Life Examples
People of Hedgefy Ecosystem
Hedgefy being built with vulnerable communities.
(as of April 2022)
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Building a new insurance protection through a market-connected ecosystem in the blockchain.

Kurt Kim
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Kurt Kim

Kurt earned a Master's degree in International Policy and Financial Math at Columbia University. After working in the hedge fund industry as a quant and macro analyst, He joined a blockchain-based ride hailing company ( as COO/CPO/CIO in Singapore. Before studying at Columbia, he worked in Afghanistan for a development project and has served in West Africa, Haiti and Kazakhstan.

Anthony Lee
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Anthony Lee

Anthony finished his Masters's degree in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. Before joining Hedgefy, he worked in the nonprofit sector for more than two decades, emphasizing technology and creativity-based programs for children in need worldwide. His charity efforts include working with communities in the slums of Rio de Janerio, the Amazon jungle in Brazil, refugee camps in Burma, and safe homes in Phnom Penh.

Anthony Lee
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Mayuko Kondo

Mayuko earned a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics from Michigan State University. She had worked in academia in the field of development economics for over ten years. Her expertise lies in applied econometrics and microeconomics, focusing on world poverty alleviation. She also has extensive experience in leading the field surveys in Kenya and Sri Lanka.

Our team was founded from finance, quant, and NGO backgrounds to create an open and transparent protection system.